education policy

All Staff will have information about Developmentally Appropriate Practices and we will review this information at least annually.

Core Skill Development

LTCC Staff will plan activities and provide children with a variety of experiences.

  • Language development: Books, writing materials, music, stories and games, finger plays, poems and flannel board stories
  • Large muscle skills: Balls, hoops, bubbles, running, jumping, dancing and outdoor play
  • Small muscle skills: Puzzles, art and craft activities, manipulative toys and blocks
  • Creative expression: Dramatic play props, puppets, musical instruments and movement activities
  • Self-help skills: Cleaning up after ourselves, helping with mealtime preparation, daily responsibilities, and dressing ourselves
  • Techniques for transitions: Promote positive behavior by providing a tidy learning environment, giving clear guidelines, one direction at a time, and integrating such transitions as alerting child in advance, singing, body movements, play with a small toy, clean-up, hand washing, rote memory exercises, etc.

We Offer Scholarships and Grants Call For Details.



We Offer Scholarships and Grants Call For Details.